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Hillary Says We Need to Up Our Game

July 19, 2011

Hillary: We need to up our game

No Limits Foundation attended the annual US Global Leadership Coalition conference last week. The conference brought together business leaders, government officials and leaders of non-governmental agencies who agree that international development is vital to our national security interests and economic growth. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton started the day off as the keynote speaker.

"After spending two and a half years as your Secretary of State, traveling nearly 600,000 miles," Hillary said, "I have reached one overarching conclusion: Simply put, we need to up our game... We need to double down on what we do well and add new tools and techniques to compete effectively in the 21st century to be strong at home and to lead abroad."

Economies in emerging markets are growing at much faster rates than developed nations, she pointed out. Early investments in these regions can yield great returns for American businesses. Africa is an emerging economy with great promise.

"These economies are projected to grow by $1 trillion by 2020... The people of the developing world can be and, I believe, will be a new customer base that drives 21st century growth not just there, but here."

Yes, we have to make tough budget decisions, Hillary said – but we have to make smart investments too:

"The 1 percent of our budget we spend on all diplomacy and development is not what is driving our deficit. Not only can we afford to maintain a strong civilian presence; we cannot afford not to." Read or watch Secretary Clinton's remarks here.

1 percent for 95 percent of the market?

Supporting global engagement – and making sure that our Secretary of State has the tools she needs to lead – is an important goal for No Limits. Click here to see the latest USGLC video; help make the case by sharing it with your friends!


As Land O'Lakes CEO Chris Policinski noted, 95% of the market is outside the U.S. In order to stay competitive, we must compete beyond our borders. In fact, currently 12% of our GDP is from global exports. Furthermore, approximately 1 in 7 American jobs are linked to global exports. That's 1% of our budget to reach 95% of the world!

USGLC released a report with their recommendations. Read the report here.


As Congress remains in gridlock over the federal deficit, we must keep a close watch to ensure that programs serving women and families are not devastated in final negotiations.

In order to stand up for women and families, the National Council of Women's Organizations launched a nation-wide Respect, Project, Reject campaign. This campaign calls on Americans to ask Congress to RESPECT women, PROTECT Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and REJECT any budget deals that do not address the needs of women and families.

Take action! Click here ask your elected official to respect, protect and reject.


Access to technology can make a huge difference for women and girls around the world, enabling them to access education and economic opportunities. Last week, the State Department held an event for their first-ever TechWomen exchange program, which pairs female mentors in the technology field with mentees, empowering women and girls through technology. At the event Secretary Clinton pointed out the important security implications of empowering women through technology:

"So we have to stay a step ahead so that people are never deprived of their opportunity, as we saw how important that was in both Tunisia and Egypt over the last months. We’re seeing it in many other settings as well. And we want to help you really fulfill your own God-given potential, however you define that, by using technology as one of the many tools for enhancing relationships, building businesses, creating greater opportunities."

They also launched a new TechGirls program, which will bring teenage girls from the Middle East and North Africa for a month of educational activities in the United States. Read more or watch the video here.


Hillary is on the road again this week, working to strengthen alliances and speaking up for democracy. In Turkey, she recognized the Libyan rebel Council, the TNC, as the legitimate governing authority for Libya and expressed her hope for a democratic transition in Syria, where President Assad’s forces have attacked peaceful demonstrators. Such acts mean Assad has "lost legitimacy" Hillary said.

Later she sat down for a widely watched televised "Coffee Break with Hillary Clinton" interview with CNN-Turk. In response to a question on women's economic participation in Turkey she emphasized the importance of increasing women entrepreneurs in Turkey.

She pointed out that "there is just so much evidence, from the World Bank and the IMF and the United Nations that where women are able to participate fully, to have access to credit, to start their own businesses, to be given the opportunity to not only get a full education all the way through university or even graduate programs, but then to be welcomed into the workforce, there's just a higher rate of productivity for the entire society."

Read this informative discussion for yourself.

Next she traveled to Greece and joined Foreign Minister Lambrinidis in front of the Parthenon Museum, which is a modern work of architecture, maintaining a great part of Greece's heritage as well as the world's heritage. Secretary Clinton expressed America's commitment to helping preserve it, even as Greece faces an economic crisis:

"America is just as committed to Greece's future as we are to preserving your past. During these difficult economic times, we will stand with you. We are confident that the nation that built the Parthenon, invented democracy, and inspired the world can rise to the current challenge," she said.

Now, our hard working, much in demand Secretary of State, is on to India for a round of meetings with government and civil society leaders. Later this month, she travels to Hong Kong and then to China.


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"As a teacher, I have seen first-hand the important foundation that Title IX has provided for female athletes and students in America, and I felt particularly proud last night to be a part of an Administration that has worked hard to strengthen its impact."

- Dr. Jill Biden, on leading the Presidential Delegation to the Women's World Cup soccer final, July 18, 2011.

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