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Women Making History: in Congress, at the Human Rights Council, in the Congo‏

March 1, 2011


Two weeks ago, the House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides health care, including mammograms, family planning and HIV screenings for millions of women in over 800 clinics across the country.

Now it is up to the Senate. Negotiations going on now may extend the date by which the budget must be completed – but the forces attacking women's health are not going away. If you haven't yet contacted your Senator, make sure you weigh in now. If you have contacted your Senator, ask your friends to join you!


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As we fight for women's health in the budget, we also have to watch out for recently filed legislation that would further restrict our right to choose.

Click here for more information about the War on Women’s Health.

Two brave Congresswomen shared their personal stories on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives recently. Click below to watch the videos of Rep. Jackie Speier and Rep. Gwen Moore as they stand up for women's health.

Rep. Jackie Speier Rep. Gwen Moore


We are thrilled to have Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on the line! Senator Gillibrand has been one of the most vocal leaders against the vicious attack on women. She has spoken out in strong opposition to legislation that limits women's access to health care. As Senator Gillibrand has said, "We must work together to stop these bills in their tracks, as they represent an unprecedented effort to restrict women's access to reproductive health care and to their trusted health care providers."

Join us on a members-only conference call as we ask Senator Gillibrand your questions about health care reform, the war on women's health, Don't Ask Don't Tell and much more.

Join Senator Gillibrand on a members-only call on March 15. Become a member today!


March is Women's History Month – a time to reflect on our foremothers and honor the accomplishments of the heroic women who came before us. We will be writing about women, both past and present, who have broken barriers in our Did You Know? program for the month of March. We will be posting stories on our blog. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. Watch for updates!


In honor of Women's History month and the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day, CARE will be releasing "The Top 10 Myths about Women & the Heroes Who Bust Them" this week. This project highlights a number of women around the world who have broken barriers and disproved myths like "A woman's place is in the home" or "Women can’t lead."

Care is also hosting a conference and international women's celebration in Washington, DC, March 8-10. Participants will learn why CARE places women and girls at the heart of their efforts to fight poverty. Click here for more information.


Changing events in the Middle East mean new challenges for America's international policies. Here's what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has to say:

"The United States and the American people support the aspirations and rights of the Libyan people. They are clearly sending as strong a message as they are capable of doing that it is time for Qadhafi to go. We think he must go as soon as possible without further bloodshed and violence."

"We are also very conscious of the actions that have been taken against the Libyan people by the Qadhafi regime. ... And I want to underscore this unanimous message from the Security Council to those who are around Qadhafi that you will be held accountable for the actions that are being taken and have been taken against your own people."


Secretary Clinton spoke yesterday at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. She said, "this popular wave for reform is spreading, not receding. Each country is unique, but many of the concerns that drove people into the streets and squares of the Middle East are shared by citizens in other parts of the world."

Click here to view her important speech.


Just last week Secretary Clinton participated in a social media dialogue with Egyptian young people. In only two days she was sent more than 6,500 questions through Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

"We want to see a true democracy, where people have the right to express themselves, to debate, to dialog, to have opposing viewpoints, but then they come together to reach compromise and a consensus about how to move forward," Hillary said.

"What was so immensely moving to me as I followed closely everything happening in Tahrir Square… is that it was Muslims and Copts. It was men and women. It was every Egyptian who is a human being created by God, our Creator, who was there saying I deserve respect, my dignity deserves to be given what my government has denied me – the right to be a full human being."

Click here to read or watch the whole dialogue.


Developed by the women on the ground, with support from Eve Ensler, the City of Joy supports women survivors of sexual violence and provides them with opportunities to develop their leadership. Global Ambassador for Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the opening of this project. She remarked:

"For those who need evidence, this center is proof that if you, the brave women here, make your voices heard and come together to create a better future for yourselves, your families, and your community – you can make all the difference in the world. The City of Joy is proof of what you can do."

"If we collectively are to achieve our goals – to reduce the number of conflicts around the world, to eliminate rape as a weapon of war, to combat the culture of impunity for sexual violence, to build sustainable peace – we must draw on the full contributions of both women and men in every aspect of peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peace building."

To read or watch Ambassador Verveer's full remarks, click here.


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"It is savagely immoral and profoundly inconsistent to insist that women endure unwanted — and in some cases dangerous — pregnancies for the sake of 'unborn children,' then eliminate financing designed to prevent those children from being delivered prematurely, rendering them the most fragile and vulnerable of newborns. How is this humane?"

- Charles M. Blow, on the U.S. House of Representatives budget, The New York Times, 2/26/11.

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